Internet Intelligence Solutions

Today’s organizations have sprawling internet-facing assets across the globe - but they lack accurate insight into the functioning of these assets and the performance of the global internet on which they rely. Customers use our solutions to monitor their own internet surface, evaluate new markets and service providers, conduct competitive analysis, plan future physical and cloud IT buildout, troubleshoot performance issues, and protect critical infrastructure.

We can help.

Internet Health Checks

Internet Route Monitoring, Event Detection, and Notification

The Internet can be volatile.

Don’t let routing leaks or BGP hijacks disrupt your daily operations, put user data at risk, or result in financial theft. We can help you monitor for anomalous activity and provide alerting so you can take quick action to remediate.

Routing Alerts are Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) based and include alerting on:

  • Route Hijack When a prefix you originate is announced by a different Origin Autonomous System (AS).
  • Hijacked Subnetwork When you are monitoring a prefix and a more specific prefix within that range is announced by a different Origin AS.
  • Outage When a network is no longer reachable on the Internet by the majority of other networks.
  • Instability When a network is seen being announced and withdrawn rapidly by minimum of 20% of our peers over a 5-minute period, formerly referred to in the industry as "flapping.”
  • Newly Routed Prefix When you are monitoring a prefix that is not typically seen routed on the Internet that is seen announced by at least one of its peers.
  • New Upstream AS When a new upstream adjacent AS is seen announcing a route to your monitored prefixes by at least one of its peers.
  • New AS Origination When monitoring an AS and a prefix not typically originated by that AS is seen by at least one of its peers.

Delivered over a RESTful API for easy configuration into your NOC, or via email distribution.

Internet Asset Discovery and Attribution

Know your Unknowns

We map an organization’s entire global internet surface from the edge to the internet core and back. You need to understand the public landscape as well as your internet surface in order to optimize it and protect it.

  • Discover and map your organization’s internet surface
  • Optimize your global internet strategy by understanding service provider coverage and performance in global markets
  • Best-of-breed geolocation of physical assets and transit paths


Real-time Monitoring
Dynamically track all connected assets and domains that make up your Internet surface.
Customize Alerting and Notifications
Configurable real-time alarms and notifications of Internet routing changes, instabilities, outages, hijacks, and man-in-the-middle attacks.
Cloud-Based Technology
Internet Intelligence delivers real-time Internet insights without requiring you to buy hardware or install software.
Deep Domain Expertise
Our team has 20+ years of experience monitoring and analyzing the Internet. Our collective experience dates back to ARPAnet - giving us the historical insight necessary to analyze patterns and detect anomalies.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Service providers and enterprises that deliver mission-critical applications and content to end users have to select the right location for their IT infrastructure to maximize performance....Internet Intelligence - Network is critical in establishing which of our data centers in Europe provides the best response times to specific target markets. With Internet Intelligence, we can help our customers achieve their business goals."

- Mike Hollands, Director Connectivity, Interxion