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Internet Intelligence is powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Previously known as Renesys, we’ve been recording the state of the internet 24/7 for more than a decade, analyzing the connectivity of every network and every service provider—in every market on earth—at one-second resolution.

This site is dedicated to reporting and covering issues that impact the performance of the internet—something that affects us all.

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With an unprecedented view of the internet, the media often seeks Internet Intelligence’s insights on a wide range of issues.


About Us

Oracle’s Internet Intelligence team is dedicated to reporting and covering issues, like national degradations, transit shifts, and security threats that impact the performance of the global internet.

Internet Intelligence is powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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China Telecom Swallows Huge Amount of European Mobile Traffic For Over Two Hours
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Oracle to Launch Internet Intelligence Map
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A broken submarine cable knocked a country off the internet for two days

Establish Regional and Global Vantage Points Through Peering

Internet Intelligence maintains peering relationships with select network service providers around the globe for the purposes of data collection. Currently, we collect routing and other data from more than 400 providers on every continent except Antarctica. This data is analyzed at our data centers in the US and delivered to customers via our Monitoring and Analytics products.

We're looking to establish peering relationships with additional providers in order to obtain coverage on the most remote edges of the internet. In return, we offer free access to select products and services, depending on the scope of the peering agreement. We're especially interested in peering sessions from network operators close to the edge of the internet, although we're happy to work with transit-free and other large-network peers.

Internet Intelligence operates border gateway protocol (BGP) route-collectors at multiple vantage points around the internet. Join our NSP and ISP peering program.


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